Tour of the Catskills Results Posted

Final results and stage results for the Tour of the Catskills are now available on their website.  Although I’ve ridden a bike plenty, I’ve never raced one.  Can anyone out there explain the different categories in a comment?

After originally publishing this post, I found this account of one rider’s ToC.  Check it out, definitely worth reading.

After watching parts of the second stage, I would have liked to stay for Sunday.  But I had to be back in NJ, where I saw this:

bear in the woods in sussex county nj

Montague, NJ, 7 August 2011

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  1. Tom
    August 9, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    The rules change a bit from year to year but the general rules are like this…

    You start as a Cat V, Novice. You must enter and complete so many races to upgrade to Cat IV.
    As a Cat IV you must earn points in races to upgrade.
    Points awarded depend on size of the field, more riders more points available,max field size is 125 starters.
    It used to be 35 points in one year to upgrade. Max points for a win in a large field would be 10.
    From Cat II and I are considered National level riders.
    Cat II is still upgrade on points, Cat I is selected by coaches and trainers, they are the US National and Olympic team members
    You must have at least a Cat II Amateur license to obtain a Professional License in the US.

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