About Oxygen Fed Sport

“You can run, but you’re afraid of the ball.”  Thus ended my tryout for the high school soccer team, lo those many years ago.  Any sport that involves a net or a ball, fuhgeddaboutit, I’m just no good.  But stuff that merely requires maxing out VO2 and a capacity to suffer… that’s right up my alley.

Oxygen Fed Sport evolved from my first website, xcskinj.  Ranging from ultra-local to nationwide, we’ll cover more events seasonally:  trail running and racing in summer; cross-country skiing in winter.  When possible, we’ll also review bicycling.

From time to time, we’ll publish product reviews.  In each review, we’ll inform you whether we paid hard cash for the product or whether a vendor supplied it.

Whether it’s skiing, hiking, running, or riding, this site is about any excuse to get out in the outdoors, any opportunity to see what’s over the next hill.  Any opportunity to go a little faster, a little farther.  That righteous hurt that follows a big day leaves me stoked for the next day.  You don’t need an airplane ticket to a faraway destination to have fun.  So leave the internal combustion engines at the trail head and get out!

Pete Minde

Your editor

Your editor