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Primary off-season training mode

Rollerskiing Old Mine Road, Delaware Water Gap

With unseasonably warm weather continuing in my part of the world, I brought rollerskis to my in-laws’ place for Thanksgiving.  They live, as my mother-in-law likes to say, in the back of beyond in Sussex County NJ, near where NJ, NY…

Kingston Roller Race: Show Up and Throw Down

It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  You didn’t hit the lottery, so you’re not going to West Yellowstone this year. Bummer.  What do you need to do to get ready for the big day?  Got the turkey?  Check.  Know which football…

Rollerski Race Season is Here

While there’s some real skiing out west, in the east we’re still dealing with pavement.  Whether you’re looking to go straight uphill or work high-speed techniques on flatter terrain, there’s something for everyone all over the northeast in the next…

Climb This: Di Centa, Shevchenko Win 33d Gran Prix Skiroll

Giorgio di Centa and Valentyna Shevchenko won the Skiroll Sportful Gran Prix rollerski race on Sunday, 2 October.  On an unseasonably warm autumn day, a field loaded Olympians and world champions showed up for this uphill ski race.