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Yevgeny Dementyev Comes off Doping Suspension, Resumes Training?

Olympic medalist Yevgeny Dementyev has finished a  two-year doping suspension and is eligible to resume racing, according to langd.se  Winner of the gold medal in the 30 k pursuit race at the 2006 Winter Olympics, Dementyev tested positive for EPO…

Mika Myllyla: R.I.P.

Mika Myllyla passed away earlier this week, aged 41.  Here’s the story on FasterSkier; his passing even made the mainstream U.S. press.

BMC Soigneur Arrested in Connection with EPO Shipment

Sven Schoutteten, a part-time soigneur, or assistant, to the BMC pro cycling team was arrested in relation to a shipment of 200 doses of the performance-enhancing drug EPO, confiscated by police in Belgium in 2009.

Veerpalu: Tests Positive, Claims Innocence; No Responsibility

Citing illness and injury, Andrus Veerpalu  retired suddenly just prior to the 2011 World Championships in Oslo.  Strange that a big-event skier would do that, eh?  Perhaps he was aware that he’d tested positive for human growth hormone following a…