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Winter Storm Warning

Winter isn’t over!   Last week, at Famous Internet Skiers, Lionel speculated about the potential for a storm  and here it comes.  Winter storm warning for New England and northern New York, with forecasts calling for six to sixteen inches of…

Great Skiing at Prospect Mountain

With snow basically gone in southern New York, I woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to drive to Prospect Mountain.  The change to daylight savings time added to the joys of sleep deprivation.

Bellmare Wins Chilly Boreal Loppet

On a cold day with numbing wind chills, Patrick Bellemare won the Boreal Loppet in Forestville, Quebec on Saturday, 26 February. With a time of 5:54:49, he beat runner-up Styve Gagnon by one second over a distance of 103 k.…

Big Weather Coming Down the Pike

In the New York metro area, today’s big storm is an ice and sleet fest.  Look further north:  the Adirondacks, southern VT and Massachusetts are going to get hammered!