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Finnish Skier Juha Lallukka Suspected of Doping

According to Finnish television station YLE, Juha Lallukka is suspected of using banned substances.   A recent sample tested positive for the banned substance human growth hormone (HGH).  On Monday, he travelled to Helsinki to be present for the test…

Climb This: Di Centa, Shevchenko Win 33d Gran Prix Skiroll

Giorgio di Centa and Valentyna Shevchenko won the Skiroll Sportful Gran Prix rollerski race on Sunday, 2 October.  On an unseasonably warm autumn day, a field loaded Olympians and world champions showed up for this uphill ski race.

Hilde G Pedersen: Not Slowing Down in Retirement

Hilde Gjermundshaug Pedersen, a long-time stalwart on the Norwegian women’s ski team, hasn’t hung up her boards yet.  According to langrenn.com, while no longer racing at the elite level, she’s definitely giving back to her sport.

Tcherezov Breaks Leg; Season in Doubt

Russian biathlete Ivan Tcherezov’s season is in doubt as he broke his leg during the Russian summer biathlon championships in Ufa, in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan.  According to RT.com, he fell on a downhill on the third lap of…

Kikkan Randall on Goal Setting

Are you coaching junior skiers?  Show them this video of Kikkan Randall speaking at the 2010 Ontario High Performance XC Ski Training Camp.  Just as serious as any videos of her kicking butt on the World Cup.

Visions of Winter

If you’re not heading to New Zealand for summer skiing, you can at least watch a video, right?  Here is the French men’s cross-country ski team doing intervals in Valsavarenche, Italy.  Located in Aosta, in northwest Italy this valley affords…

Mika Myllyla: R.I.P.

Mika Myllyla passed away earlier this week, aged 41.  Here’s the story on FasterSkier; his passing even made the mainstream U.S. press.

Veerpalu: Tests Positive, Claims Innocence; No Responsibility

Citing illness and injury, Andrus Veerpalu  retired suddenly just prior to the 2011 World Championships in Oslo.  Strange that a big-event skier would do that, eh?  Perhaps he was aware that he’d tested positive for human growth hormone following a…