“A year and a half ago, my right hip was so painful, and I had a bit of trepidation about gyms.  You’ve helped immeasurably on both counts.  I’m much fitter and happier now, and I attribute it to your training methods and expertise.”  – Nancy F., inventory analyst.  Lost 40 pounds in seven months.

“Peter is a knowledgeable and caring trainer. He’s intuitively addressed my needs, and after working with him for two years, I feel great.” – John S., entrepreneur

“Peter has been my trainer for the past two years. He is a truly excellent trainer, and an outstanding master of his craft. Peter is passionate about fitness, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to each session. His easy-going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere that allows me to achieve my goals. He makes each workout challenging, creative, and most importantly, fun! He places a high value on correct form with each exercise, and explains the importance each exercise has on the various muscles being trained. Peter motivates me to push past my perceived limits to achieve my best results. He is always encouraging, even when I’m not feeling my best, and has assisted me with my nerve damage, arthritis, and digestive issues. If you’re serious about improving your lifestyle, Peter will lead you every step of the way.”  –  Yvonne W., credit manager.

“Peter is the perfect trainer. He’s attentive, considerate, and paces my sessions nicely.  No one could be better.”  – Bob G., retired professor